25 August 2009

Get ready for the Angry Whopper - Burger King Angrrometer

As part of its reintroduction of the Angry Whopper, Burger King is wondering if Canadians are aggressive enough to eat the spicy sandwich. So, working with Taxi 2 in Toronto, they developed this website that features the "Angrrometer," a tool that measures a person's anger quotient. To see if they've got what it takes, visitors need only turn on their webcam, scream as loud and as angrily as they can into their mic and watch as innovative face-tracking technology shows the physical effects of their anger. If you visit the site without a webcam, a talking Angry Whopper makes fun of you for being stuck in 1997. It happened to us. We'll see who's laughing when we go to a Burger King and take a bite out of it's smug, tasty face.

via DirectDaily

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