27 August 2009

RKCR/Y&R Opens Doors For Local Businesses

RKCR/Y&R, recently opened up her doors for local businesses in London borough of Camden.

RKCR/Y&R windowshop

Possibly the first high street ad agency in the world. RKCR/Y&R opened their doors this week at number 22 Chalk Farm Road with the aim of bringing marketing and communications advice to the shop keepers and stall owners of Camden Town.

Damon Collins (Executive Creative Director) explains: “Getting as many local business from Camden Town into this local shop. We’re gonna sit down with them, pick their brains and work out exactly what their business issues are, and then get teams together - strategists, creatives - and actually create work, in whatever media appropiate, to actually solve those problems.

Matt Steward, New Business Director, explains: “We’re a couple of years into the recession and the high street has been suffering, it’s a really good time for us to get out there, understand what the pulse is in terms of money running through high street and the ability to chat to these guys and see how they are suffering and where they are suffering, and you know, marketing is a great solution to buck that trend. So, we can actually work with them and work on a solution to get some cracking communication to get some extra people in.

The agency, which normally works with clients such as Marks & Spencer, Virgin, Bacardi and Oxfam, is now giving advice to tattoists and pub owners. Teams of planners and creatives spent day one talking to four business owners in Camden Town about their needs.The RKCR creative teams will then set about creating marketing campaigns for their new clients. On Friday, all the work is set to be displayed at an exhibition at the shop.

RKCR/Y&R new business director Matt Steward is blogging each day from the shop: RKCR/Y&R Local blog

I personally believe this is a great initiative, having main street shops being able to make use of services of a big agency. I am fully aware marketing budgets from big companies are huge, but I believe Small & Medium sized Enterprises (SME) or Small Office /Home Office (SOHO) combined have a considerable marketing budget to spend as well. RKCR/Y&R may have very insightful week and I hope they will do this more often and other shops will follow suit.

“He who can not keep a penny shall never have many.“

Source: ViralBlog


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