29 August 2009

10 rules of advertising engagement

• If it doesn't sell, it's not creative.

• Media should be planned in order to benefit the impact of the idea, and not because of the profit or fee it generates to the agency booking the media (they'll benefit in the long run).

• Ideas were and will always be the core of good advertising. BUt it mustn't be forgotten that execution is as important.

• Advertising is all about creating good content. If that content is really good, a conversation will emerge. If conversations continue, they grow a community. Communities tend to grow their own content collaborating with the existing ideas and message thus creating new content that can be enhanced by new Big Ideas. Generating more sales in the end.

• Blow the line: Big Ideas come from above. Below makes those ideas really work.

• Sell products not advertising. Be business minded and never create for the sake of creation.

• Will online replace others soon? Never. Online will amplify advertising to become attractive, and effective, again. It is the very core of the future, the backbone of all communication and thus the most important traffic driver to the product or service advertised. Online pushes advertising to fuse with editorial, which is a good thing. Advertising was nothing but editorial back in the days (1875 > 1950's)

• Focus more on the importance of customer services. Because a better service helps create a better product. Customer services will not only tighten the relationship between brands and their customers but will allow agencies to grow closer to the customers.

• Ideas are, and will always be, what differentiates the agencies from what customers do for brands. The power of what keeps agencies alive are those Big Ideas.
Sure, a good product tends to sell itself but the true profit for the manufactures really comes from advertising their products, of course. Yes, I believe in advertising. Advertising is giving information. Products still need to be explained and clarified, their strenghts communicated to it’s possible buyers. A message needs to be send telling why it is a good product.

• To me advertising is a story that sticks.

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  1. good post, thanks!
    only the "if it doesn't sell, it's not creative" part is not always true.