22 July 2008

Awards Shows and Credit

A pending issue in current development of "our" creative industry (design and advertising industries taht is) and I totally agree on the Barbarian statement on this issue: ( because, THERE'S MORE TO ADVERTISING THEN "JUST" THE IDEA! )

"First and foremost, I think this absolutely is an area that needs to be worked out. Change will be needed, no doubt. There’s a prevalent (though decreasingly so) viewpoint in the traditional agency world that interactive production is pretty much like traditional broadcast production, and that this has been pretty much all worked out, and there’s no reason to change it for interactive. There’s some logic to this, on some level, and also it’s of course in the interest for the traditional agencies to preserve this thinking and arrangement, since pretty much everything’s going to digital, and if the digital agencies got props for the digital, in another ten years or so they’d be screwed.

Then there’s the prism through which we’re looking at this: Cannes, and more generally, agency award shows. What are these? What are they for? What is their part in all of this? Are we talking about “credit” in an abstract sense, or are we talking about who should win the award?"

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