23 July 2008

Great Color Legends

Some colors become huge successes early on and then fade off into obscurity… while other colors go the distance and become international icons.

Read more about the great color legends…

Why is the US Dollar Green? Why is Red the International Color for Stop? Why is Pink a Girl Color and Blue a Boy Color? Why are Republicans Red and Democrats Blue? Why is the Green M&M the Horny One? Why is Purple a Lesbian Color? Why is Black the Color of Death? Why is the Sky Blue? Why are Road Signs Green? St. Patricks’s Green? Why is Raising a White Flag the Symbol for Surrender? Why is Envy a Green Monster? Why is Ferrari Red Iconic of Sports Cars? Why Are Mental Institions Light Green? Why Are Highlighters Bright Yellow? Why Does a Guy Get Blue Balls? Why is Purple A Royal Color? Why is The Red Cross, Red? Why Does the Tour de France Leader Wear a Yellow Jersey? Why Do US Imigrants Apply for a Green Card? Why Does a Bride Need Someting Blue on her Wedding Day? Why Do Masters Golf Tournament Winners Get a Green Jacket? Why Do Wear a Yellow Ribbon to Support the Troops? Why Are Some Americans True Blue?

All this and much more at ColourBlog

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