24 July 2008

Zitvlaai vs Shitbox

In Belgium radiostation StuBru and MortierBrigade introduced the "Zitvlaai" (freely translated into ShitSit) as being the ideal sitpillow for the summerfestivals. A soft plastic piece in the shape of cowshit says to be nicely supersoft, yet uneatable and though not intended to be inserted into a cow's ass..

In Britain The Brown Corporation recently introduced the ShitBox. Of course this gadget is taken more seriously than the ShitSit, but ailed more to very practical needs. Being handy is another pair of sleeves.

The ShitBox is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use. The box pops up from a convenient 14 inch flat pack to a rigid, reusable, comfortable toilet. Each box comes with ten degradable poo bags. woohoo!

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