14 July 2008

The guide keepers

"You are precious guide keepers.
Our new identity system can only work if the execution remains in the control of skilled people who fully understand the brand’s visual codes. Convergence and homogeinity can only be achieved when all visuals principles are applied."

Finally! As a belgian designer it took quiet a few years but now at last there's a bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. Belgium isn't the country with worlds biggest budget, nor with most open and understanding clients. A rather old-fashioned and dull traditional perspective on design kinda overrules which designs gets approved but as the first decade of the 21st century draws to a close a shift is notable (on a concept level, on the otherhand, we manage to get some breakthrough stuff out there though)

Example: one of Belgium's biggest advertisers, Belgacom, now shifted their brands from diversity to unity in their offline appearance. Unfortunatly online corporate visuals and moving along slowly but the full guideline course is still under development.

As I worked in several ad-agencies along the road I've always somehow been confronted with working for Belgacom or Proximus and that really used to suck big time from a design point of view. Horrible guidelines determined the awfull the designs you were obligated to produce from time to time. But at the very moment Coast Design have lauched the brand new styleguide I really dig. Nice use of blobs and typography, consistent use of harmoniously combined colors and tints take designing for this client from horrible to almost delightfull.

Hats off and bow for Coast!

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