16 September 2008

Digital Masters: online

I also designed the according platform where students have to play to get the know the online intergalaxy of cyberspace — woooauw :)

Created and based on the NING-framework we've build Digital Masters. NING is an online service to create, customize, and share a social network.

Students are competing each other in a competition in which they have to show off with their digital knowledge. Having to use online platforms the students are obligated to dig deeper into new online applications, pushing them to learn new digital stuff and get the hang of how things work that they don't know — accordingly, hopefully, they will get attracted to digital orientated work and/or jobs. The whole idea is to communicate with last graders of high-schools and pass along the message that IT and the so called nerdy jobs are "cool" and that it might be just the thing for them to do and dive into.

So we say and believe that:
Nerdy, is the new cool!

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