10 September 2008

USA Today: Bear Mountain State Park

Most people would go out of their way to avoid a snoozing bear by the water's edge, but there's one such spot in the Hudson Valley that should be on everyone's must-see list. And there are real, uncaged, bears walking around there's!!

Bear Mountain State Park in Bear Mountain, N.Y., has something for everyone. From miles of hiking trails to an inn with all the comforts of home, the park offers nature in all of its glory for both the avid outdoorsman as well as those just out for a scenic Sunday stroll.

Nestled along the Hudson River, Bear Mountain was so-named because the profile of the mountain resembles a bear lying down.

It's about 60miles from New York, some long hour of train — the one to Poughkeepsie. You can only get there in weekends, by getting off in Manitou, and you need a lunch and some firm walking shoes to come along for the trip. But believe me, if it's a sunny day, it is worth the painstaking feet. There's a magnificent trail leading to the top of the rock there, the top of Bear Mountain that is, and on top there — you have a beautiful view. On a clear day you can see all the way up to New York City!

Along the Hudson river there'r a lot of other nice things you can do whenever you want to get out of the city-heist for a while.

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