18 September 2008

Internet is mine

Become the owner of the internet
The internet belongs to everyone. That includes you. Click here and claim the internet. Good luck!

Claiming the internet as yours is simple:
1) You log in or register
2) You click the button that says "Become the owner of the internet"
3) As long as no-one else clicks, you are the owner of the internet, the clock runs. Total time of ownership is tracked by a timer.

But beware, you only get 10 clicks a day!
Invite your friends and increase your chances. For each friend that registers you get one extra click to play.

Each owner is entitled to his certificate of ownership.

Your hour of glory
Have you been the owner of the internet the longest during one hour?
Then you get your name and picture put up in our live banners all over the internet

You can check the hourly stats — live updated — to see when best to click, the daily stats to see which day is busiest. There's a gallery to see who were the previous owners, who are the internet bigwigs and check out your personal ranking.

Additionally there's a series of viral tools. You can find owners of the internet all around on Facebook-fanpages or groups and on Netlog.

Have a nice click!

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