15 December 2008

Bagvertising vs Boxvertising

Jung von Matt Hamburg claims to come with an unseen idea turning moving boxes into Bittburger beer crates. If we call it boxvertising in stead of bagvertising, yes. But it is not totally new of course. It is a visible campaign though.

In cooperation with the big car rental company Sixt, they equipped their removal vans with their special moving boxes which look like Bitburger beer crates. When people rent a Sixt moving van with moving boxes, they got our „beer crates“ instead of normal boxes. So for Sixt clients every removal turned into a big beer delivery. With a budget under 40.000 Euros they equipped Sixt removal vans in german big cities like Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt with our „beer crates“. For Sixt clients every removal turned into a big beer delivery and Bitburger beer was brought back in the beer drinkers mind.

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