08 December 2008

directdaily: Arabam.com "Save Mini"

directdaily: Arabam.com "Save Mini"

Arabam.com is an auto-review website sending regular e-newsletters to its members. The objective was to gain new members, collect their e-mails and mobile numbers. The audience of an auto-review website is comprised of people who adore cars. They know the latest models, their horsepower or interior design details. The idea was put an automobile in jeopardy and it will touch the heart and soul of this audience. So they picked the Mini, a lovemark for almost any automobile-lover and hang it over the sea. They hanged a Mini down a crane (over the sea) and live-webcasted the stunt 24/7 on arabam.com site. People were invited to the site with banners stating “25.000 new members needed today. Otherwise, this Mini will come 3 meters close to water.” Visitors were asked to push the “Save Mini” button, become a member and participate in the prize draw. Men over 18 were targeted through the banner, TV and print ads. The results were remarkable; 1.187.000 people visited arabam.com in 45 days, the highest traffic ever among all auto-review websites. 661.000 people registered and left their contact information. 98% of them were new registrations. The online campaign achieved 56% visitor-to-membership conversion rate. A large and reliable customer database was built where the company regularly contacts through emailing and texting for new offers.

Agency: Rabarba Instanbyl, Turkey.

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