15 December 2008

Radiohead 12 Cams

Once again, a good interactive application by Radiohead. This time they let you choose on which monitor you follow the concert. Switching from camerapoint during the performance allows you to record your point of viewing the spectacle.

They've already let you have all the pieces to two of their songs, "Nude" and "Reckoner." With other artists, taking pieces of full songs apart would normally cost ... I don't know.. hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to remix like this.

Now they've brought you into the creative process of another part of their entertainment. They filmed themselves performing "15 Step" in Japan from 12 different camera angles.

You can watch the video and as you do, choose which camera angle you want to see next. It then saves this information on the little bar at the bottom tracking your progress. Then you can watch the video again with all the angles you chose. It's like being the man in the big booth with all the camera feeds telling people "camera 2!" "Take me back to camera 5!!"

It is pretty awesome to have 12 camera angles and make your own video:

Camera 01 : From the crowd (surely the camera which was in front of the sound/video board)
Camera 02 - From the back of the arena - good view of the lights
Camera 03 - Thom
Camera 04 - Phil (when Jonny isn't in front of him ^^)
Camera 05 - From the front (camera on rail)
Camera 06 - Front, left side. Ed and Thom
Camera 07 - Front, right side. Jonny and Thom
Camera 08 - On stage, left side
Camera 09 - On stage, right side
Camera 10 - Colin
Camera 11 - Suspended camera
Camera 12 - From crowd again

Radiohead 12 Cams

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