29 December 2008

Radiolaria study

Radiolaria study
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This project is about controlled restraint. Previous versions of this magnetic structure project were about freedom. I pretty much let the particles do what they wanted. This go around, I am introducing specific rules to families of particles.

For example, Big particles, you will slowly gain mass until you lock into place and you are capable of attracting small particles. Each of you must remain a fixed distance from the center of the world and must try to spread yourselves out as evenly as possible

Small particles, you will repel each other while the big particles attract you. If you happen to collide with a big particle, you are now locked to that particle and must remain 50 paces from its center at all times. Oh, and you must also remain 250 paces from the center of the world at all times.

Id love to be able to make these so they were 3D printable. Mmmmm, metal casting...

Uploaded by flight404 on 25 Dec 08, 8.58AM CET.

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