11 May 2007

OFFF 10 - Motion Theory

11 may 2007 at 18:00 — Roots room, CCCB - BCN


First a small walkthrough of his work as a kid and an artsstudent. Starting of with Windows95, in 1996. Working allready with BASIC backthen, you can understand this guy has a firm scripting background. But he didn't really like being in the art-department, because they didn't like digital work at all, o he switched to the designdepartment. Working with Shockwave in 1998. Interactive pieces in 1999, hanging around at MiT, working with ACU, jT2 working with openFrameworks. Developping
Textension this is 1999 !! » what more can we metaphorise when we work with a textlayout interface. Worked with Aftereffects but quickly got back to doing the same work with doing coding and programming. Make a fair deal of plugins for MAYA, a plugin with Python for Illustrator,... noting shortly what HECTOR does with javascript for his spraycan-installation. Attended UCLA, doing interactive installations with sensoring devices and videowalls, and lateron NYU.
Working now Processing-renders for MotionTheory

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