11 May 2007

OFFF 11 - Frank Bretschneider

11 may 2007 at 20:00 — Roots room, CCCB - BCN

11. FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, with OLAF BENDER of Alva NOto and raster Noton

Created in Chemnitz in 1998 by Frank Bretschneider, Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai aka Alva Noto as a result of the fusion of the seals Rastermusic and Noton.Archiv für ton und Nichtton, Raster-Noton is one of the most respected houses in the scope of the vanguard music. In his almost ten years, the German record has managed to extend its publishing nature to become synonymous of an unmistakable aesthetic, cradle in a conception of the electronic art that is translated in audio-visual exercises of austere but constructed appearance on structures of an overwhelming geometric complexity.
In their conference-performance in OFFF 2007, the three founders of Raster-Noton will expose the formal and conceptual matrix of their individual works as both their individual works and the common denominators that are shared by the set of artists who collaborate with the Germanic record house.

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