17 May 2007

TYPO Berlin 05 - Piet Schreuders

TYPO BERLIN 2007 @BCC, AlexanderPlatz

5. Piet Schreuders
An exploration of my graphic design work for music projects of the last 20 years, focusing on: album sleeves and cd booklets for the Dutch BASTA label, especially their series of "essential reissues"; music research for special projects such as The Beau Hunks, electronic musis of Raymond Scott, the film background music of Leroy Shield, the Boulevard of Broken Dreams orchestra, and early Dutch electronic music by Tom Dissevelt, Henk Badings and Dick Raaijmakers. Illustrated with numerous images and sound examples, as well as film clips.
Worked on a large scale project involving music, Boulevard of Broken dreams. This arroused his interest in music-graphics and filmmusic. especially lifted when discovering the Roger D. Kinkel music encyclopedia. Later-on he tracked and tried to capture different music of films and especially comedianshows like Laurel and Hardy. Analysing lots and lots of musical data, carnoise, talk, dialog, music, and checked the usable pieces of the music and recombining them.
Ronnie Hazlehurst, doing tv-tunes (a laurel-hardy fan)... The music of Leroy Shield... and some more but it really couldn't catch my interest, sorry

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