18 May 2007

TYPO Berlin 09 - Kim Hiorthoy

TYPO BERLIN 2007 @BCC, AlexanderPlatz

9. Kim Hiorthøy: Puttin' on blobs
Kim Hiorthøy, born 1973 in Trondheim/Norway, studied at Trondheim Art Academy 1991–96, and at School of Visual Art, New York, 1994-–95 and The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Copenhagen, 1999–2000. He is a freelance graphic designer since 1993. He works a lot in the field of music and cover design. He is a musican also. Currently he lives and works in Berlin.
On making record sleeves that have possibly no relation to the music, or to the musician, or to anyone else. And why. Talking on record lseeves and nothing but record sleeves, finding the subject rather uncomfortable but yet.. He doesn't see himself as a graphic designer because they are supposed to solve problems.. Kim, as from his words, only makes problems. Working mostly from his undrbelly, not often listening to the music even! He mostly enjoys making recordsleeves and he sees it as not a very important job, there are so many records. He finds it important taht the sleeve is nice, and often buys records on base of their design. He didn't start out to be a designer and didn't study on it at all. As a designer he's taking the freedom with both hands letting the musicians no choice with the designs he makes for the covers. He never thinking of strategy or communicational problemsolving, the package-design is just what it is, the impression of the moment or from what he has learned earlier. Working for SmallTownSuperSound label.