17 May 2007

TYPO Berlin 03 - Clive Bruton

TYPO BERLIN 2007 @BCC, AlexanderPlatz

3. Clive Bruton (Pixel picking and logo popping)
Celibrating Univers' 50th birthday, he considers it the most influencial type of the twentiest century and also of much higher quality then Helvetica for example. Always keep your old work, he worked a lot for webprojects (doing mostly digitalisation of existing logo's for Lloyds TSB, BT, handsetting every pixel carefully crafted). Using 9/9 pixelboxes making patterns with it, a project on flags, almost all European flags can be made with 9/9 (except for the British one) Important line throughout his work is the resemblance of patterns and detail, and focussing mostly on logo-design.

Discussing the NIKE logo, it influenced a whole logo-design generation; good or bad all using and experimenting with the famous/notorious SWOOSH (the swoosh jazzes it all up.)
The APPLE logo, definatly the flat logo is much better then the old 3D logo. Good but there are many designers imitating still the 3D version of the logo, like for example the new BTlogo which they tried to 3D in sense of illustrating an 'open world' but there's a problem » a logo should be plain clear and simple, if it's too complex then all prints and applications (f.e. smaller sizes) will be floaded. Same thing with the new KPN-logo, looking like a bunch of jellyfish blobs instead of nice perspective

Own work;
Fontzone-logo » simple, possibility to change colors often, always being able to recognize the basic elements, and last but not least it has to stand out and pop-up out of a pile of content even when set in very small. The goal being able to use it the size of the type, let's say let it work at the size of 10px, that's what a good logo is.
Approving the new CS3 logo's as very good, practical and usefull, in contrary of the old CS2 logo's whdere the connection was totally gone, like "why does a flower point to Illustrator, and the butterfly to InDesign) Now it is straight up, clear it says what it is Ai = Adobe Illustrator.

Ps; there's a Video-channel reporting the most remarkable moments of the conference at http://www.typovideo.de

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