10 May 2007

OFFF 2 - Bestiario

10 may 2007 at 13:49 — Roots room @ CCCB - BCN


This guy (Ortiz) was speaking solo Espagnol and I didn't understand a spick bowl of whatever he was saying, except for "interfacias" and "graphico"...
Formed in barcelona in 2006, Bestiario is probably the first Spanish company dedicated exclusively to data visualisation and information representation. Under the creative direction of Santiago and Andrès Ortiz, with an ample network of collaborators and a strong multidiscipinary approach, their "machines to ferment intuition" serve such diverse aims as helping coolhunters map emergent tendenciesin the streets, or constructing the emotional memory of a community through its photographic archives.
Even without understanding a word of what was said I understood the principle workmodel of the project presented, and that off course is essential to the accessibilty and universal compatibility of the project.

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