18 May 2007

TYPO Berlin 06 - Hans Reichel

TYPO BERLIN 2007 @BCC, AlexanderPlatz

Hans Reichel, born in 1949, caused a stir in the early 70s with his unusual self-made guitars. Since then he has given numerous concerts in Europe, the US, Canada and Japan and has released over 30 LPs/CDs. He belongs to the guild of improvisational musicians. In about 1985, he invented the legendary daxophone, a string- and voice instrument that operates via thin wooden blades. He designed his first typeface (Barmeno) in 1983. Since 1995 design of the font families FF Dax, FF Schmalhans, FF Sari und FF Daxline.

This guy made a so called daxophone, it's a weird kind of striking-instrument making german word-sounds. He created also a whole set of instruments that produce different sounds or better word-expressions. He's also known for the making of his weird guitars back in the seventies. Mixed announcements, revelations, visual and audio tasters, manifestos, error messages on the subject: What has ‘a’ got to do with ‘รถ’?, plus: the daxophon in the age of the flatrate, plus: music for the audio play The Gappers of Frip.

Showing us a very playfull sound and animation combi, funny and joyfull illustraing his musicstudio in a very humorous way. This guy lived and worked in the east and documented a series of Sumo-wrestling events and additiionally creating music for it.

Re-designing the FF Daxline font he made a cute animation monitoring the changes he made and applying some music to the movement. He has a cd available in europe called Laurum Lurum. He used to take pictures from the stage, capturing he's tired or amused audience, showing this series.