17 May 2007

TYPO Berlin 04 - Adobe Systems

TYPO BERLIN 2007 @BCC, AlexanderPlatz

4. Adobe Systems - creative space
A product presentation on the new CS3. the most important update is the change in industry that integrates more and more web-applications. Print and web are more and more merging, and also the more combined work with motion-work. Video, work and web, with quicker production-timetables. And of course the integration of former Macromedia contributes a great deal to this change. Consumerism is changing at the base of the profession, users are becoming designers and producers too. and therefor Adobe stears there products to give you a lead to your competitors.

Over more then 12 products are launched, combined in different, in several packages. All products are differently combined. The design suit, Premium (probably most appealing), Standard (mostly for the printing industry) Everyone is crossing borders and working cross-borders. There is a webStandard package for developers. There's a new box for video-specialists, animation, online and post-production with the possibilty to create full dvd-packages. And then there's a full-package.

The biggest problem nowadays is time, so everything is steared to less time-consuming products. The Bridge is more reworked for better integration and improved mostly the previewing-function, and of course some extra features. drag and drop from Bridge is easier and also works with for example the Dreamweaver and save for web from within the Dreamweaver or just using "copy merged". And of course this doesn't only applies to 1 but all softwares.

Most important change of all softwares is the change of the Flash-interface. And also the obligated saving of different layers is optimised by having the easy selection box per layer combined with editing options. No more import to stage or library, just drag'n'drop from the Bridge. Serving highly the webmarket but also integrating a special software for mobilephone/devices, new product called the device-center, with an integrated device-output preview on several mobiledisplays without having to buy all these devices which is off course impossible. Also comparing different devices is possible, very advanced. Making it also easy to switch existing flash-animations to device-output, being able to preload everything and check use the configuration of the interface and the buttons, special feature on this topic is the usage of lights to check the output in dark or brightlight (off course simulated).
Illustrator using colorguides now, and integrating a colordisk (chromatic circle) all downloadabe at ColorLabs (there's a widget for using these colorschemes) Kuler offers you the possibililty to download .aes files which are easily opened in all Adobe softwares as colorswatches. More and better adjusted colorschemes in stead of having to pick every color separatly. And also a complementary colorscheme user is now active.
Photoshop selection-tools are more advanced and better reworked (off course enormously timesaving in stead of consuming) also there's a new selection-dialog, temporary masks, an extended selection-preview-palette, and some others like undo-able filters called smart-filters (non-destructive filters) There's an auto-align an algoritm for aligning different layers on backgrounds, also making panoramic imagery is made easy now. And for contrasting colors there's a new filter, which easily applies the some color of all pasted photos. An extra functionallity is working with 3D-models keeping the possibilty of moving the model around like you can in the 3D programs, being also able to past patters and labels onto it! solving additionally the limitations for the functionality of angles at Vanishing Point.

Bridge is now the main 'platform' to switch between all different files-programs-applications-objects-designs well you can sort it ;)

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